Monday, August 18, 2008

School & Scripts

Today is a very big day -- My daughter, Amanda started high school today, I drove her out there and she barely said goodbye - looked at me like I was a dork when I yelled good bye have a great day and good luck, and some mushy stuff. hehehe

Other than that, I have been keeping really busy making scripts. I finally have learned a few tricks to work with the code and have been peeling them off faster than my testers can keep up with me. I love scripts.

I will be posting some freebies and maybe some ones that need to be tested here - but for now, I dont think Im organized enough yet. But, I'm getting there.

Im not very good about blogging. I would much rather dive into PSP, than just talk about it. But this is important too. so I am trying.

Thanks to everyone who has linked me up, visited, or tagged me - I will get to those when I can too. If you want to keep up with any new goodies I have - you can always check out my designer pages at Memory Junkies or Berry Bliss -- Im also hoping to be at a couple other stores soon too. I will announce it and put the new blinkies up.

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