Friday, February 19, 2010


My daughter really loves karate. She studies traditional Okinawan karate (Shorin-ryu) at a local school. Last weekend she had her belt test. It was amazing. She ran 2 miles, tested with high scores on 10 or more katas, was tested on Japanese language, did like 100 or more push ups, had 15 rounds of sparring and it was no girlie fighting, thats for sure, but she did have a fit of giggles a couple of times. I was impressed with my daughter and the whole school - it was hard to watch her when she really started to get tired and emotional, but she was fabulous.

above: the announcement I made for her - the back side said the date and time stuff. I got her a cake designed like this too - it was very cool.
below: the belt I made with psp - this was the hardest part. It took me forever lmao

Below: A very cool picture of her sparring with a classmate - they are simultaneously smashing each other in the chin.

Take downs !! I was most impressed with her exhibition take downs. I'd never seen her do these before. and the take downs were so hard - his image blurred in the photograph.

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