Sunday, March 15, 2009

Freebie Easter Basket Script

cmc Creative Team is proud to announce the kick off of our Easter Egg Hunt and Contest. For more information... Becca's Blog

You can download the basket script to use in your tag here or at Becca's blog
Basket Script


Liz said...

hi there is me lizard of lizard dau designs..i am sooo admiring your work..i am a great fan of psp and i use it exclusively..i was wondering if you would like to contribute to the newsletter and perhaps do a tutorial on how to use one of your wonderful scripts that way advertising your product and making people more aware of tagging and psp scripts..what do you think??...please email april at k-joi studios if you are interested..i think it would be a good thing for you to do as the ct really can contribute to your work much..most of them use photoshop i think..if there is any way i can help in promoting your stuff please let me know...cheers liz

Denise said...

Thank you so much for sharing a freebie with us. :-)

scangel said...

just used this script for the first time and it is fantastic. very fast am looking forward to using it often. thank you for sharing it with us.