Thursday, December 11, 2008

Running out of Time

Friday, Dec 12th -- thats tomorrow for us in the States - today in some parts of the world, is the last day to send in your entry for our Trim the Tree contest. You can win a grab bag of cmc Scripts (value $10 or more) for 1st place and there will probably be a couple runner up prizes too.

Scroll down a few posts and get all the information you need to enter the contest - Get your entries In before its too late !!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle's Angels said...

Hey Bonnie...guess what?

You have an award on my blog! *LOL* Stop by to get it!

stitchy said...

I wanted to Thank everyone for the tree contest and to thank Cancermoon for her kindness for giving gift's to all.I am so greatful to have been in this contest.It was alot of fun.Thanks so much,sincerely,stitchy<3

Team Kissed said...

Wishing you Love & Joy this Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!