Sunday, September 7, 2008


I have so many new things to put up here on my blog - I cant even keep up. I spent the last week working closely with my newly official Creative Team. I am soooooo happy to be a part of this team. They are an awesome group of women and they are kicking out the goodies faster than I can keep up.

Its a pretty big team, especially considering Im so new to the scraps biz. But I need a big team, because I want to make sure every script I put out is tested thoroughly in every version and all my i's are dotted and all my t's are crossed. Many of them are new to the biz too and just want to get some experience and broaden their scope for their own kits & scripts. So we are learning the ropes together.

I will be posting goodies from them and connecting you with their sites for all their goodies. pppssstt.......... many of them give away freebies all the time.

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