Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trouble Shooting Scripts

Im trying to start a series of trouble shooting tips for using scripts.
Things I have learned from using free scripts myself, and problems that have come up with testing scripts I have made.

If you have had a problem using scripts, please email me at and tell me what the problem is and we will try to fix it. If you email me with your problem, expect to see it in my trouble shooting tips - but I wont use names :)

Tip of the Day

Scripts that are written in version 10 or later do not work in 8 or 9.
To get it to work in version 9 at least, there is a simple change in the actual script file that you can do. Change the very top most line of code. *see image*

For a more thorough explanation and help opening the script file -
download Scripts & Scraps 2 - version conflicts.

or you can download the whole basics series (3 rtf files with screen shots)


Serenity Dezynes said...

You have some very nice scripts. Thank you soo much for this tip!!! If you do not mind, I will be placing a link to your blog from mine. hugs, Ser

Anonymous said...

4Shared says the link for the basic series 3 rtf files is NO LONGER VALID
...a psper that needs all the script help I can get ;)

L.I.S. said...

Hello - this new Script Tip link is not valid. I could use some help also. I haved used PTU items from OTHERS that say "Tested in v9 and Above" - I have PSP XI and the script didn't work correctly. I thought maybe your tips would help me "fix" the item I paid for.