Sunday, September 7, 2008

Introducing Scripts & Scraps Learning Series

Finally !!! The Release of Scripts & Scraps Informational Learning Series about Scripts.

This series will include information and resources to use and write PSP Scripts.

Start with the Beginners' Guide

An overview of basic script information - learn how to and where to install scripts, how to access and use them in PSP and more.

The Beginners Guide is included with all my Scripts - Freebies and Pay scripts

But you can also download the .rtf file here.
~ Beginners Guide ~

Then you can move on to:
lesson 2 - which discusses version conflicts

lesson 3 - the Scripts Tool Bar Overview

Or you can download the whole beginners series (3 documents)

I will keep adding to the series and include tips, tricks, tutorials and some in the biz advice as I can.


Anonymous said...

Hello - I was looking for your tips with scripts. I've tried two different files and 4Shared is showing the links are INVALID.

L.I.S. said...

Me again ... I was "LC" above. Now that I have a scrap blog, I can sign in. ;) This think is still showing Invalid.