Friday, August 22, 2008

Exciting News

I am sorry that my blog is still very behind. But I have been a busy beaver, creating and testing and preparing several of my scripts... my babies for showcase, and sale.

My scripts are now available --
at Ahhh Scraps
Check it out ! there are a couple of freebies too.

The scripts and more scraps will also be available at my other stores soon. and if I ever slow down ..... some freebies will be available directly from here - my blog.

Thanks to everyone who takes a look - thanks for sharing in my success and excitement. But there are a few wonderful people who really helped me make this happen. The list is long - but I thank each and every one of them for helping me and hope that they know how much I appreciate them and their help.

Don't give up on me or my blog because it is not updated - I will get it together one of these days - but I like to have something to share or show off for the blog.. so I keep busy creating, and put off blogging - but keep checking back - it will all come together soon enough.

Happy Friday


dew said...

congratulations dewberrypink-sonia

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie, congrats on your wonderful new scripts. I've been lucky enough to get them in our group where you shared. I love them as I can't make a bow to save my hide. LOL I see a lot of stink in there about scripts but I find them helpful and enjoyable. So keep up the fantastic work honey!
Hugs Tracie

Teri's Scrappin' PlayTime said...

Hi Bonnie, you have won an award! Please drop by my blogger to get it. You are certainly deserving of it. Good Luck in your business adventure! Smiles, Teri~

Nema said...

Congratulations, Bonnie! Way to do and I wish great success.