Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beading Tips

While I am making a kit or a set, I think of hundreds of ways to use it. Then by the time I'm done with it, I either can't remember all of them, or I just never get around to it - on to the next project.

So, before I forget all these tips and tricks and ways I want to use my own goodies, I will jot them down and share them with you. Maybe y'all will make some fabulous things with any of my goodies.

okay tip on beading.

If you save the bead/s you like as a tube (in PSP - I think they call them stamps in Photoshop) then you can use your tube tool - on a new layer of course. Put down your first bead, and then for a straight line, hold down the shift key, and put another bead across the page (or down the page) wherever you want your string of beads to end. wala - you have them. Now, if the beads are too close, or too far, look up at your tools - change the settings to continuous and random, and change the step number if needed. lower means closer together, higher means further apart.

If you have a good bead string - then you have a great set of beads all ready to go.

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